There are many paths…

But only one path leads to true growth and development. The Guardian’s Path is our commitment to
developing leaders who are fully devoted to improving themselves, their organizations, and the lives of those they lead.

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Three Key Levels

  1. Self – Leadership
  2. Team Leadership
  3. Organizational Leadership
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Our Roadmap For Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Program consists of three courses that build on each other. Each workshop aids leaders in expanding their influence and amplifying their impact. To learn more about these courses, or to view upcoming workshops, click on the course title below.

The Guardian Leader Award

Anyone who remains committed to completing the Guardian’s Path will grow their influence, increase their leadership abilities, and join a community of purpose-driven Guardians.

All graduates of our program will be recognized with our signature Guardian Leader Award.

“The Guardian’s Path stands out amongst the other paths I have walked thus far.”

Lt. Max Nowinsky, Savannah Police Department
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Take Action And Learn More

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organization, contact us at:

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