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July 2, 2011

General Updates

We are…

An online community of police professionals dedicated to:


  • Achieving our career potential
  • Honing our leadership and decision making skills
  • Capturing the pride and enthusiasm we felt the day we were appointed
  • Identifying policing strategies that really work
  • Fulfilling our Oaths to the best of our ability

The Need…

I was a cop for 27 years (that’s 149 dog years), worked for 2 departments and rose through the ranks to retire as a Deputy Chief responsible for operations of a midsize department (780 sworn).  Along the way I had a variety of jobs in both patrol and investigations and even had the opportunity to found and lead a multi-agency task force that achieved national recognition.  I also had the opportunity to make some critical observations that led me to start this community:

  • I noticed that whenever anything went wrong it was always attributed to poor leadership in the organization – CERTAINLY NOT the leadership of the person making the observation, but ALWAYS a more junior leader/s.  Despite the constant lament about the state of junior leaders, nothing was done to develop the leadership skills we obviously prized so highly.
  • Officers were promoted into positions for which they were ill prepared and were expected to learn from the school of hard knocks rather than being provided  the tools to succeed.
  • Training opportunities beyond the minimally required in-service skills were expensive (a bad characteristic in this economy), doled out to the favorite few and seldom brought back to benefit anyone other than the person who attended the training.
  • Cops are generally great people (we only hire the best) who enter the profession with a servant’s heart and a burning desire to succeed.  Somehow our organizations manage to take these great folks and in an incredibly short time create the conditions that contribute to diminished motivation and satisfaction in a career they fought so hard to achieve.

The Solution…

I set out to find the best information available to help me be the best leader that I could be for the folks who depended on me.  I  earned a couple of college degrees and sifted through the fluff to find the nuggets truly useful in the ‘real’ world.  I reviewed a great deal of additional material to find the information that would help officers achieve the motivation, satisfaction and performance they deserved.  Through this process I was personally  blessed with a great career, yet was frustrated that I was unable to provide everyone with the same information and opportunities that I had.

Guardian Leadership is the result of that frustration.

In retirement I am free of the obligation to be a good follower to a Chief or Mayor and unconcerned with offending a union.  I can offer the benefit of my experiences and the information that I have gathered along the way with only YOUR welfare as my primary motivation.  Using the Internet ( a foreign land to those of my generation) to make information universally available, we can communicate and provide a forum to share best practices with each other.  I am hopeful that Guardian Leadership will serve as a solution to those needs that I identified during my career and that you will find benefit in the effort.

Why GUARDIAN Leadership???

In ‘The Republic’, Plato called the class of selfless servants who were responsible for maintaining the ideals of the republic, ‘Guardians’.  In today’s world, along with our military, it is the police who are sworn to support The Constitution and act to serve and protect the citizens.  When we live our oaths and commit to service of the people we are today’s Guardians.  The sacrifice of service deserves the best in return.  I am hopeful that this community will help provide you with the best.

Thank you for what you do and WELCOME to the community! 



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