Leading with Momentum

How ’bout those Bills?  Has anyone outside of upstate NY taken notice of the Buffalo Bills.  They are off to a 2-0 start on what was generally expected to be another disappointing, lackluster year.  In fact, the media called them “extremely frustrating” before the first game had even been played.

Leaders Know Their Team

The Bills leadership apparently knew something that the all knowing fourth estate did not.  They apparently understood team dynamics and built within the team the cohesive belief that they could succeed.

Week 1 the Bills traveled to Kansas City where they were predicted to lose.  Instead, they won handily.  Yesterday league bad boys, the Oakland Raiders, came to Buffalo and jumped out to a commanding lead.  Many Bills teams from the past would have folded, but these Bills believed in themselves, pulled together and won in the final seconds.

Leaders Believe in Their Team

Not the team with the best talent.  Not the team expected to win.  The Bills were the team that believed in themselves because effective leadership told them they should.  The Bills were the team that built on the small victories that were apparent only to themselves and their leaders.  They ignored the negative and built momentum on positives.

Leaders find the small victories, even in defeat.  They emphasize and build on those victories and they consistently role model a can-do attitude.  They focus where they should – building winning momentum. They create an expectation within their teams that they will win.

Leaders Focus on Winning

The focus is on winning.  The Bills aren’t stuck on a game plan.  They haven’t painted themselves into a corner by saying that they win by passing or running or great defense.  They just want to win and their strategy is to work as a team with everyone contributing.  Others find ways to build momentum in the wrong direction by focusing on the wrong things. Kodak is another local team who had great momentum but headed off in the wrong direction.  Kodak won by making the best film.  They didn’t focus on winning and they paid no attention as the game changed. Team digital rolled into town and crushed them.

The best leaders focus on winning.  They understand the game and their teams.  They role model the positive and they build momentum based on victories – even small ones that they identify in what others might call defeat.

Please comment on ways that you build positive momentum in your organization.
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