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Leadership Role Models

October 10, 2011


Many find the path to success by following those who have preceded them in a similar quest.  Find those who have been successful at what you want to do and then do what they did.   Stephen Covey in ‘the 7 habits’ would refer to this as, “beginning with the end in mind.”  Visualizing the type […]

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What Leaders Do

September 26, 2011


Organizational leaders have four basic responsibilities.  They must build credibility, motivate their followers, get the job done and improve their organizations.  These responsibilities are constant, regardless of the type of organization or the leader’s level within the organization.  Leading from where they are, these three things are the focus. Credibility… Leadership begins with who you […]

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Leading with Momentum

September 19, 2011


How ’bout those Bills?  Has anyone outside of upstate NY taken notice of the Buffalo Bills.  They are off to a 2-0 start on what was generally expected to be another disappointing, lackluster year.  In fact, the media called them “extremely frustrating” before the first game had even been played. Leaders Know Their Team The […]

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The Leader’s Medium of Influence

September 2, 2011

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Influence Equals Leadership… Leadership can be defined by the influence we have over others.  Communication is the means or the medium of that influence.  Communicating effectively has always been troublesome for leaders.  In the old days, communication was limited by time and distance.  Leaders relied on messages carried by foot or horseback.  Technology has evolved […]

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