Be the Change

August 26, 2011

Leadership, Personal Excellence

In your mind’s eye picture the leader that you want to be.   List the characteristics of that avatar.   Take a good look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, “Am I that person?”   Ask those around you that you trust the same question.   Where there is a gap between the leader that you want to be, and the leader that you are, exists the opportunity for improvement.

There is a famous story about Gandhi who was asked by a woman to speak to her son about eating too much sugar.   Gandhi replied that he would be happy to speak to the woman’s son however he needed her to bring him back the following week.   The following week the woman appeared again with her son and Gandhi spoke to him about the perils of eating too much sugar.   When asked by the woman why he was unable to speak to her son the previous week, Gandhi told her at that time he was eating sugar. The lesson here is that you need to first be the change you want to see in others.  You need to be a role model to effectively lead.

What to do

Identify the things that you and others value in a leader.   Take from the best you have seen in yourself and others.  Create an avatar of that ideal leader; make him or her real, give them a name. Be able to picture your avatar in your mind’s eye.  When faced with a decision or the need to take action, ask yourself what would my avatar do? Then do it.  Be the change. Pretty soon you will find that you have become your ideal leader.

Please leave a comment.  What characteristics do you believe make a good leader?


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