Guardian Leadership is a community created for:

  • Police officers committed to achieving personal excellence and satisfaction in their careers and:
  • Police organizations that are actively engaged in improving their performance by providing innovative career development opportunities for their members.

Guardian Leadership was formed by Glenn Hoff – who retired as Deputy Chief from the Rochester NY Police Department with the conviction that the profession had a duty to their individual members and the communities they serve to improve police career development.


Glenn holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in organizational leadership.  His 27-year career progression included line and supervisory positions in both patrol and investigations, numerous awards and recognitions.  At the time of his retirement, Glenn was responsible for both the Operations Bureau and the Professional Development Section of the Rochester Police Department.   Throughout his career, Glenn demonstrated a commitment to improving leadership in the profession, instructing on topics including leadership, ethics and tactical management.  Along with operating Guardian Leadership, Glenn currently teaches in the criminal justice department at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


  • Police officers are noble individuals who enter the profession with a servant’s heart and a drive for success and satisfaction.
  • The success of police organizations is dependent on the innovative, motivated, performance of each member.
  • Many officers become disheartened, finding that the reality of the profession falls short of their expectations.
  • Organizations fail to achieve their potential when their professional development programs allow the needs of individual members to go unfulfilled.
  • Providing for both individual need and organizational performance is the primary responsibility of effective leadership.


Police officers and organizations can greatly improve motivation, satisfaction, and performance in the profession through:

  • Individuals taking ownership of their careers.
  • Leaders taking action to improve organizational performance through the development of individual members.
  • Leveraging communication technology to provide universal access to information that supports both individual career development and organizational performance.


Join our community! Subscribe to the blog and newsletter which address quality career development, leadership and effective policing from both an individual and organizational perspective.  Check out the Guardian’s Bookshelf to discover excellent resources to help you reach your potential.  We are in the process of developing the Guardian Leadership Academy; watch our progress and take advantage of the opportunity to improve yourself and the profession.

Guardian Leadership is here to help you along the path to achievement and satisfaction in your noble career.  BE SAFE and Welcome! to the Guardian Leadership community.


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